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Smart letters interactive wooden blocks for tablet

Smart letters interactive wooden blocks for tablet


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Marbotic - Smart Letters for iPad - Ages 2-5 - Interactive Wooden Letters Set - Hands-on Educational Learning Games for Preschoolers - Homeschooling Tool for Early Reading & Writing

Play & learn to read with your tablet! Combined with your tablet or iPad, Marbotic Smart Letters kit is the smartest method to learn to read! Learn to read with Marbotic’s Smart Letters! This interactive alphabet toy mixes the best of both physical and digital play by utilizing traditional wooden letters and modern touchscreen technology. Marbotic’s Smart Letters apps will enable your child to learn to read, recognize shapes and sounds of letters, play with phonics, discover vocabulary, and even write his first words in a funny and motivating environment.


·         Wooden letters like to others: Smart Letters includes 26 wooden uppercase letters that interact with your iPad. When your child stamps a letter in Marbotic App, your tablet recognizes it. Unbelievable, right? The technology behind this magic is unique and patented.

·         Our interactive wooden letters work seamlessly with the Marbotic educational app. Download it on your iPad and unlock it with Smart Letters! Have fun and enjoy hours of learning!

·         Multisensory learning: Inspired by Montessori, Marbotic provides a hands-on learning method that effectively helps preschoolers to learn with multiple senses: vision, hearing and touch. Multisensory is excellent for struggling readers, but it's a concept that can accelerate every child’s progress.

·         Learning through Play: it has been proven that early literacy and math skills are key predictors of a child’s future academic success. With Marbotic, children learn while having fun in a playful and engaging environment.



Compatible with iPad 4 and +. Available in American English, British English, French, German, Dutch and Swedish!