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Infiltrate KL2 Keyboard with Membrane Switches

Infiltrate KL2 Keyboard with Membrane Switches


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ENHANCE Infiltrate Membrane Gaming Keyboard

A premium design made from aluminum metal comes equipped with a variety of LED lighting modes. Switch from 3 different rgb modes or enable the dynamic breathing. Engage a turbo input mode that increases the speed of key inputs from 21 to 62 characters per second. Quality membrane keys with the ultra slim 6mm keycaps make the Infiltrate KL2 incredibly quiet while retaining the tactile feel of traditional gaming keyboards.

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Infiltrate KL2 Membrane Gaming Keyboard


Charge into the digital battleground with the Infiltrate KL2 gaming keyboard. A slim metal design packed with pro-level features including 19 key rollover, anti-ghosting, custom LED lighting, and an input turbo mode toggle make the Infiltrate a welcome addition to your PC battlestation. The ultra thin keycaps combined with the quiet yet tactile membrane switches offer incredible ergonomic comfort and near silent keystrokes perfect for late night gaming sessions.

  • 3 Multi-Color LED Modes + Breathing Mode
  • Ultra Quiet Membrane Switches
  • Full Metal Design
  • Turbo Mode Input Toggle
  • Dedicated Phone Holder
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Slim Profile Design

The ultra thing modern design keeps your hands in a neutral position ideal for longer gaming sessions free of wrist pain. The keycaps are half as thick as standard keys, giving the Infiltrate KL2 an incredibly thin ergonomic design.

  • Ultra thin 6mm keys
  • Ergonomic Design
19 Key Rollover
High tech circuit design lets you strike up to 19 keys at once without interfering with eachother. So go crazy executing insanely complex macros and fast action sequences without interruption.

Select from 3 multi-color modes or choose the dynamic breathing mode to match your style. Use the on-board controls to adjust the brightness and quickly toggle between color modes.

Custom LED Lighting

Kick into gear by engaging Turbo Mode with convenient on-board controls. The Infiltrate KL2 goes into high gear from 21 characters per second up to a blazing fast 62 characters per second.

Turbo Mode Toggle

Membrane switches combined with ultra thin 6mm keycaps offer incredible tactile feedback while reducing keystroke sounds, ideal for late night gaming sessions and streaming.

Tactile Yet Quiet Keys