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Miniature Figure War Games Miniature Figure Vault

Miniature Figure War Games Miniature Figure Vault


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Protect, store, and organize your collection of war game miniature figures. Designed to store up to 108 infantry units (up to 28mm) and a number of larger figures, you can bring your army to your next gaming event with ease. A handy book sleeve on the front can be used to store rulebooks & references for army set up. The reinforced padded walls protect your miniatures from drops, impacts, and scratches.



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Portable War Gaming Figure Vault


Our Figure Vault was designed to store and protect miniature figures of all shapes and sizes. It features 4 foam trays to easily organize your platoons and squads and includes a customizable Pick & Pluck style layer to store larger figures with unique molds such as tanks, dragons, and more.

  • 3 x 36 Slot Trays (108 Slots)
  • 1 Pick & Pluck Customizable Tray
  • Weather & Impact Resistant Design
  • Front Book Sleeve
  • 2 Large Side Pockets

Integrated Book Sleeve

Store and access rulebooks or reference guides for your favorite war game in the easy access front book sleeve.

  • Great for Rulebooks
  • Warhammer Codices
  • Notebooks