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Tabletop - RPGs Dice Tray & Case (Black)

Tabletop - RPGs Dice Tray & Case (Black)


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Store your horde of dice in the ENHANCE Dice Case. Beautifully designed with stylish bronze accents, the Dice Case is the perfect addition to your collection of RPG accessories. The dice case is two products in one, with one half safely storing 150 dice and the other functioning as a tray to be passed around the table or held onto for personal use. A reinforced case protects your dice from wear and tear, while the soft lined interior keeps all your dice free from unsightly scratches.

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Storage and Tray

Intuitively designed to zip together easily and functions to pass dice around the table and keep the dice tray in reach of all players at the table. 2-in-1 Design: A Dice Vault and a Dice Arena.

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The Dice Vault

Securely store up to 150 dice in the Dice Vault. A easy access zipper keeps the dice held in place during travel and the scratch resistant interior protects dice of all materials from damage.

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The Dice Arena

Roll your dice without having them knock over minis or fall off the table! High walls and a large rolling space make it satisfying to roll on, and is easy to pass around the table to other players.