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Tabletop - RPGs Player’s Essentials Bag Black

Tabletop - RPGs Player’s Essentials Bag Black


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The interior features a thick padded divider to help organize your character's gear and includes enough space for up to 4 rulebooks. Opposite of the divider is a special compartment with an elastic security strap designed to hold laptops and tablets in place during travel. The bag features two front facing battlemap storage straps perfect for traveling with a rolled up battle grid or map. The adjustable straps can be sized to hold maps up to 3 inches in diameter.


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ENHANCE Gaming Tabletop Series

RPG Player Essentials Bag

Traveling to your next session doesn't have to be a pain. With the ENHANCE RPG Player Essentials Bag, you can pack everything you need to bring your character to life during their adventures.

The Essentials Bag is large enough to store up to 3 rulebooks along with a 17 inch laptop and a combination of dice, cards, pencils, markers, notebooks and much more.

  • Battle Map Carrying Straps
  • Room for up to 3-5 books
  • Large Accessory Pocket
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A Bag for the Modern Gamer

Features a divider and a laptop slot and strap for gamers who prefer digital resources and character sheets. Accommodates up to 17 inch laptops along with 2-3 RPG books.

  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Security Strap