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VersaBoard™ Blue

VersaBoard™ Blue


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VersaBoard Reusable Writing Tablet

The reusable writing tablet for effortless organization anywhere

  • Take this reusable writing tablet anywhere.
  • Write with the stylus or your fingernail.
  • Clear completely with the tap of the VersaStylus.

The VersaBoard reusable writing tablet is perfect for writing down household reminders, grocery lists, or family messages and is great alternative to paper notepads or dry erase boards.

It’s an ideal size for hanging on your refrigerator using the included magnets, but can also live on its own, standing upright on any tabletop with the built-in kickstand that can be displayed in portrait or landscape.

The new VersaPencil stylus allows you to be intentional when erasing. Tap the eraser end of the stylus to the corner of your board, unlocking Boogie Board’s QuickClear technology.

The built-in magnets on the sides of the board and pencil slot allow the VersaPencil to attach to almost any side of the writing tablet, so it’s not easily lost.

Keep your life effortlessly organized

Whether hanging on your fridge, or standing up on your kitchen counter, VersaBoard reusable writing tablets are the best way to stay organized and stylish at the same time.

Make the statement you want to make

The VersaBoard reusable writing tablet has a bright display that maximizes the writing surface.

Stay in control of your messages

Unlock Boogie Board’s QuickClear erasing technology by tapping the eraser side of the pencil to the corner of the writing tablet. It erases instantly and you don’t have to worry about accidental erasing.

Use anywhere

VersaBoard includes magnets and a built-in kickstand that can be used in portrait or landscape mode so you can hang it on the fridge or stand it up on any flat surface easily.