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Nitro MagSafe Power Bank 5000 mAh - White

Nitro MagSafe Power Bank 5000 mAh - White


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·         The Nitro Magsafe Power Bank is a high-quality and versatile portable charging solution designed to provide reliable power on the go. With its impressive capacity of 5000mAh, this power bank ensures that your devices stay charged throughout the day, keeping you connected and productive wherever you are.

·         The power bank features multiple input options, including a Type-C port with input specifications of 5V=3A, 9V=2A, and 12V=1.5A. It also supports Lightning input at 5V=2A, making it compatible with various charging cables and adapters available in the market. Whether you have a Type-C or Lightning cable, you can conveniently recharge the power bank using your preferred method.

·         Equipped with a Type-C output port, the Nitro Magsafe Power Bank offers flexible charging options for your devices. The Type-C output supports 5V=3A, 9V=2.22A, and 12V=1.67A, allowing for fast and efficient charging of compatible devices. The power bank also provides wireless charging capability with output options of 5W, 7.5W, and 10W, ensuring seamless and convenient charging for devices equipped with MagSafe technology.

·         With a maximum total output of 18W, the Nitro Magsafe Power Bank delivers reliable and efficient power to your devices. It intelligently adjusts the charging speed to match your device's requirements, ensuring optimal performance while protecting against overcharging or over-discharging.

·         The power bank is powered by advanced lithium polymer batteries, known for their high energy density and long-lasting performance. These batteries provide stable and consistent power, allowing you to charge your devices multiple times before needing to recharge the power bank itself.

·         In addition, the Nitro Magsafe Power Bank is equipped with a powerful N52 magnet. This magnet ensures a secure and stable connection between the power bank and MagSafe compatible devices. It works seamlessly with devices equipped with a MagSafe Ring, providing a reliable and efficient charging experience.

Please note that the Nitro Magsafe Power Bank is specifically designed to work with MagSafe compatible devices and devices equipped with a MagSafe Ring. Ensure your devices are compatible to make the most of the power bank's features.

The Nitro Magsafe Power Bank is the perfect companion for travelers, professionals, and anyone who needs a dependable power source for their mobile devices. Stay powered up and connected with the Nitro Magsafe Power Bank, your reliable charging solution for all your on-the-go needs.