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Desk 5 - 20PPM

Desk 5 - 20PPM


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  • Camera Resolution: 8 MP: With an 8 MP camera resolution, the IRIScan Desk 5 captures sharp and high-quality images of any document or book you scan.
  • Scanning size: up to A4: The IRIScan Desk 5 can handle documents up to A4 size, which means it can scan a wide variety of documents and books.
  • OCR languages: 138 languages: The IRIScan Desk 5 is compatible with 138 different languages, which means it can accurately convert documents in any language to editable text.
  • USB Powered: With a USB power source, the IRIScan Desk 5 is easy to use and does not require an external power source.
  • Convert to other formats: The IRIScan Desk 5 allows you to convert your scanned documents into PDF, Word, and Excel formats, making it easy to edit and share documents.
  • Document and Book Scanning: With the ability to scan documents and books, the IRIScan Desk 5 is a versatile tool that can help you manage your work and personal life.