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Desk 6 - A4

Desk 6 - A4


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  • Portable and Convenient: With its truly portable design and USB-powered feature, the IRIScan Desk 6 is ideal for use in the home, office, or while traveling. It's easy to take with you wherever you go
  • Camera and Recording Features: The IRIScan Desk 6 features a powerful camera lens of up to 12MP and a built-in microphone to capture even the smallest details. Use it to create and record YouTube tutorials, unboxing videos, and demos at up to 15FPS
  • Automatic Document Detection: The IRIScan Desk 6 can detect multiple small documents like receipts or parking tickets at once. Simply place them on the provided Scanpad and save time submitting your expense reports
  • Self-Timer Shooter: With the automatic self-timer shooter, you can scan large volumes or binders without any constraints. Set the shooting interval time and let the scanner do the rest
  • Versatile and Efficient: The IRIScan Desk 6 lets you create Epub or PDF formats before listening or reading them directly in your favorite electronic reader. You can also get text-to-speech capability via MP3 or WAV audio files output format