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Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic - A3

Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic - A3


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  • Accessible and Intuitive User Interface: IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic is designed with a simple, user-friendly and intuitive user interface that is particularly suitable for people with dyslexia. Readiris Dyslexic, the integrated app is easy to use and navigate, making it accessible to users of all ages and abilities.
  • Text-to-Speech Technology: The unique Text-to-Speech technology in IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic allows it to read aloud any type of document, including Microsoft Word, PDFs, text files, web pages, or scanned documents. It reads the text word by word, allowing users to listen and read in parallel, which is particularly helpful for language work and extensive reading.
  • Zoom In/Out for Better Readability: IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic allows users to zoom in and out of the text for better readability.
  • Customized Playback Options: The tool offers customized playback options, allowing users to adjust the pace of the reading to suit their needs. Users can set the tool to read faster or slower and repeat comments until they have corrected the spelling and pronunciation.
  • Multiple Output Formats: IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic supports a wide choice of simple output formats, including DOCX, JPEG, MP3, WAV, and PDF. Users can export the file as an image, audio or document, and send it directly by email, making it easy to share the document with others.
  • Includes Award-Winning Scanner: IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic comes with the award-winning IRIScan Desk 6 Pro scanner, which can scan books and documents up to A3/Ledger size. This scanner is ideal for dyslexic people who find it challenging to read from printed material and need to digitize the text for use with IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic.