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Smart numbers for tablet - Interactive wooden numbers set

Smart numbers for tablet - Interactive wooden numbers set


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Marbotic - Smart Numbers for iPad & Samsung Tablets - Ages 3-5 - Interactive Wooden Numbers Set - Hands-on Educational Learning Games for Preschoolers (Smart Numbers) (Smart Numbers)

We make math fun for little ones! Smart Numbers is an innovative math toy designed by experts to guide young children on their learning journey. The interactive wooden numbers have been specially designed to work exclusively with our Marbotic learning games, to provide a unique and engaging introduction to math for little ones.

There are specially designed math games for kindergarten and counting games for preschoolers. Thanks to our Montessori-inspired, multi-sensory approach, kids learn by doing.

Smart Numbers is fun math toy featuring 7 unique learning games designed to work seamlessly with the included 10 interactive wooden numbers. There are fun math games for kindergarten and fun counting games for preschoolers providing up to 8 hours of educational games. Your little ones are learning and engaging every step of the way. And, it’s all happening at their own pace!

Here’s what your child will learn:

  • Learn numbers 1 to 10

  • Count up to 100

  • Match numbers and quantities

  • Explore basic units and counting by tens

  • Practice simple addition and subtraction


  • Progressive difficulty so your child moves at their own pace

  • 3 languages available: American English, British English, French

  • A dedicated guide for parents to help you accompany your child on their learning journey

Compatible with iPad & most Samsung tablets (not included) - Our kit is compatible most iPads (except iPad 1) & most Samsung tablets. New app available on the App Store