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Smart shapes for tablet - Interactive wooden shapes & colors

Smart shapes for tablet - Interactive wooden shapes & colors


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Marbotic - Smart Shapes for iPad - Ages 3+ - Interactive Wooden Shapes & Colors - Hands-on Educational Multiplayer Games for Preschoolers - Develop Observation, Deduction, & Communication Skills

Increase your child's communication and cognitive skills with these engaging learning games for the iPad. Smart Shapes is an innovative, educational toy designed by experts to guide young children on their learning journey.

These interactive wooden shapes have been specially designed to work exclusively with our Marbotic Smart Shapes app, to provide a unique and engaging learning experience by playing exciting multiplayer games in either versus or cooperation mode. Thanks to our Montessori-inspired, multi-sensory approach, kids learn by doing.

  • Engaging way to learn - Marbotic provides an immersive, hands-on learning experience for preschoolers. Our award-winning interactive wooden toys and games transform your tablet into an educational tool for kids.

  • Build cognitive skills - Our kit enables your child to devolop their communication and cognitive skills through two-player games. It contains 8 wooden shapes that are usable with our free app.

  • Active screen time - Our educational toys keep kids active as they can interact with our digital games using our wooden block toys. Preschoolers can also play with the wooden blocks without any screens.

  • Playful family fun - Our games are designed for two kids or a parent-kid duo to play in their choice of versus or cooperation modes. Playful family fun that helps build 21st-century skills.

  • Compatible with iPad (not included) - Our kit is compatible with most iPads (except for iPad 1). Our free app is available in English and contains four fun games that exercise your brain.